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Aroma Magic had a humble beginning in 1992. The foundation was laid by Dr. Blossom Kochhar, who spent her childhood amidst coffee plantations in the Nilgiris. She was surrounded by nature, coffee blossoms, spices and all things beautiful.

In fact, her passion for all things natural inspired in her a love for an alternative way of living and healing. Her passion led her to build a company around it, using natural fragrances, colours, plant extracts, organic ingredients and ancient herbal remedies which are so familiar and interwoven in everyday living in India.

She created a range of honest skin, hair and wellness products delivering meaningful, effective results that had positive, healing effects on the mind, body and soul. She was joined by her husband, the late Col. V. Kochhar and her daughter, Ms. Samantha Kochhar (presently the Managing Director).

Every formulation, packaging, belief and action has its roots firmly entrenched in healing, art, design, fashion, culture, history, artistic and scientific harmony, their contrasts and making sustainable, responsible lifestyle choices. Quality to Aroma Magic means having the freedom to create the best products with respect for our environment and the consumer. All Aroma Magic formulations are produced using high grade natural ingredients and apply the ancient sciences and modern scientific rigour to every product to guarantee the customer’s safety.

We are committed to bring to you the best, natural and aromatherapy products, along with an incredible shopping experience and excellent customer service. Our extensive range of products will delight you day after day. Looking good, feeling good and doing good, is in essence, what Aroma Magic is all about.

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Blossom Kochhar Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd.
CL – House, B-141, Shapur Jat Village
New Delhi-110049
Ph. No. +91 9870282778

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